What is the time commitment for this fellowship?

The time commitment for Graduate HPG fellows will vary somewhat according to the demands of the particular project and host organization. In general, these fellowships should not exceed 225 hours of work between the beginning of September and the end of May, in the 2021-2022 academic year. Host organization supervisors will clarify a particular schedule commitment, consistent with both the fellow’s availability and the project’s needs, with selected fellows before officially commencing the fellowship. There is no expectation that hours be evenly distributed throughout the academic year.

Can I apply to more than one of the HPG Graduate Fellowships?

 Candidates are welcome to apply to more than one opportunity; as the fellowships will be read separately and in concert with individual host organizations, they will receive consideration for any to which they submit materials. Candidates are encouraged to consider how their skills and goals match to particular positions, and to modify cover letters to make them specific to each award.

Do I need to have a car?

Please look to the specific CFAs for information about travel and location.

How does this work relate to my overall course of study?

Graduate students can benefit from placements beyond traditional research and academic parameters through opportunities for scholarly collaboration, which is both skill-building and a helpful intervention in the often solitary process of dissertating; through gaining valuable skills and knowledge which may serve as an inspiration for future projects, provide resources for teaching projects, and is likely to be a talking point in academic and non-academic job interviews or cover letters; and through extending their professional knowledge and network into new institutional contexts. In addition to skill- and network-building, these fellowships are intended to be a space of creativity and intellectual morale building, giving graduate students an opportunity to work on a sustained, but close-ended project over time.

Can I get in contact with the host organization with particular questions about their projects?

Please direct all initial inquiries to Ashley Melzer at the Humanities for the Public Good Initiative.