North Carolina Humanities CouncilThe NCHC is the North Carolina affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), which is one of the largest funding-sources for the humanities in the United States. NCHC provides funding, training, and support for the study and preservation of North Carolina culture and history, and advocates for the role of humanities scholarship in North Carolina public life.

Modern Language Association The MLA is the largest professional organization in the United States for scholars of language and literature. Through their various programs, publications, initiatives, and annual convention, they provide intellectual and professional support for scholars, as well as advocacy for the study and teaching of language and literature. They support public humanities work in a wide variety of areas, including the digital humanities, library sciences, language pedagogy, literacy, and public literary reception.

American Historical Association The AHA is the largest professional organization for historians in the United States. They provide support for scholars, teachers, and students of history, and engage in advocacy on behalf of the historical profession, including work in historical preservation, public memory, and public access to historical materials.

Society for Classical StudiesThe SCS is the largest professional organization for classicists in North America. In addition to the support it provides to students and scholars of the classics at the university level, SCS also does a significant amount of work in K-12 education, and provides support to K-12 teachers in teaching classical studies and obtaining Latin-language certifications.

National Humanities AllianceThe NHA is a nationwide network of colleges, universities, museums, libraries, state councils, and scholarly professional organizations, which exists to promote humanistic inquiry across a wide variety of fields. Their primary concern is lobbying for federal funding of the humanities, and they also provide information and resources to help individual scholars better advocate for themselves by lobbying officials, making professional connections, seeking funding opportunities, and pitching their work to publications.

National Council on Public HistoryThe NCPH is the largest U.S. organization devoted to connecting historians with the public and promoting the use of history in public life. They provide support for all kinds of historical professionals, including history professors, K-12 teachers, museum curators, archivists, policy advisors, and historical consultants.