Flashback Friday with the Brass Tacks team on Friday, November 5 12pm-2pm for a one-shot workshop into how to create and post a Twitter thread. Every participant will leave with a 10-15 post thread to post. Will we go viral? We’ll see!

In addition, this is a BYOLunch event. You’ll need a laptop to work on your thread. You *may* want a snack to enjoy the porch and the wonderful fall weather.

Brass Tacks is a new project of HPG and the Southern Futures Initiatives that invites attendees to sharpen their skills in a series of professional development opportunities with special guest teachers. Along with a group of peers, attendees will gain confidence that’ll serve you in the academy and beyond.


Pulling Threads: Unraveling #AcademicTwitter and Turning Research into Twitter Threads
Friday, November 5, 12-2pm

This workshop with digital content scholar KC Hysmith looks at the practical intersection of social media and academia and walks you through repackaging and sharing your research for a short-attention-spanned digital audience.

Love House Front Porch*
410 E Franklin St, Chapel Hill, NC 27599

About the Instructor:

KC Hysmith is a Texas-bred, North Carolina-based writer, photographer, content creator and strategist, and currently a PhD Candidate in the Department of American Studies at UNC. Her dissertation and larger body of work look at the intersection between food, gender, and the digital landscape. Her writing and work have appeared in numerous print and digital publications including The Boston Globe and Gastronomica and she has a chapter on her work in social media in the forthcoming Food Instagram: Identity, Influence & Negotiation (April 2022, Illinois Press). She has hosted numerous workshops and classes on social media management and strategy for academics and alt-acs alike and believes in making social media work for you and your work.

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*Location may be subject to change. We are monitoring the ongoing COVID situation and will make decisions in the best interest of the health and safety of our students and instructor.