In this workshop with Dr. Andrew Ali Aghapour, we will learn the basics of storytelling and practice communicating our research to a broad public audience. Join us to explore how storytelling and personal narrative can make you a better public scholar.

Love House Front Porch*
410 E Franklin St, Chapel Hill, NC 27599

About the Instructor:
Dr. Andrew Ali Aghapour is a comedian and scholar of religion. His one-person show Zara is about growing up Muslim in the American South. Andrew holds a Ph.D in Religious Studies from UNC-Chapel Hill and is consulting scholar of religion and science at the National Museum of American History. He is the co-author (with Peter Manseau) of the forthcoming Discovery and Revelation: Religion, Science, and Making Sense of Things. More at

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*Location may be subject to change. We are monitoring the ongoing COVID situation and will make decisions in the best interest of the health and safety of our students and instructor.