Humanities for the Public Good is a four-year, $1.5-million initiative intended to recognize and catalyze publicly engaged scholarly activity among humanists and humanistic social scientists at UNC-Chapel Hill. Initiated by Terry Rhodes, Senior Dean for the Fine Arts & Humanities in the College of Arts & Sciences, with support from the Institute for the Arts & Humanities and funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the initiative offers grants and programmatic opportunities primarily aimed at graduate students and faculty in partnership with cultural institutions within and beyond the academy.

The emphases of the initiative are on integrating: public engagement in graduate education, through grants, teaching, and workshops; public and digital humanities efforts, an effort which will be spearheaded by a new Digital Integration Coordinator at the Digital Innovation Lab; and valorizing and promoting civic engagement in faculty teaching and research in the humanities through grants and associated workshops. This work relies upon and complements the long-standing work of UNC-Chapel Hill’s array of programs, centers, institutes, and initiatives which have served as bridges between the university and its many internal and external publics.

The HPG Initiative Director, Dr. Robyn Schroeder, may be contacted with inquiries.