The following form asks for brief, honest answers for recommenders of applicants seeking to do public-facing or socially impactful teaching, research, or other sorts of projects. The Humanities for the Public Good Initiative asks these questions in light of the paramaters of the program and our experience with past projects; we seek candidates with an authentic interest in public scholarship and the public humanities, who are able and willing to learn from their host institutions, and who can be counted on to endeavor to finish projects that they take on with their partners. A brief assessment, with any examples that come to mind, are all that’s required; no individual answer should be more than 100-200 words.

Faculty members who would prefer to submit a letter in lieu of using the application form should still endeavor to answer these questions in that letter; but may, rather than using the form, simply upload a letter in the relevant form below. In that case, please be sure to fill out your name and email and the applicant’s name before uploading the file.