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HPG/NHC Humanities Futures Graduate Fellowship

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Amount: $5,000

Term: AY 2021-22

Eligibility: Doctoral students in humanities and humanistic social sciences enrolled in a degree program in one of sixteen departments in the College of Arts & Sciences*

Application Due: Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Supervisor: Ashley Melzer, Humanities for the Public Good Initiative Director / Jacqueline Kellish, National Humanities Center Public Engagement Coordinator

About Humanities for the Public Good Initiative

The Humanities for the Public Good Initiative is a Mellon Foundation-supported project of UNC’s College of Arts & Sciences, dedicated to promoting public scholarship in the arts & humanities, integrating digital and public humanities, and extending the impact of the public humanities in graduate study.

About the National Humanities Center

The National Humanities Center is unique: a free standing national resource devoted to advancing significant humanistic study and reflection and to making those insights available both inside and outside the academic world. The Center’s Education Programs strengthen teaching on the collegiate and pre-collegiate levels. Through Public Engagement in the form of community lectures, panel discussions, symposia, and a rich multi-media library, the Center promotes understanding of the humanities and advocates for their foundational role in a democratic society.

The Fellowship Project

The Humanities Futures Initiative was created to boost the advocacy and engagement skills of undergraduate students in humanities majors by making them partners in understanding the economic and historical contours of studying in humanities fields in the United States, here and now. For two years, the program offered tools and support in becoming co-investigators of the social, political, moral, financial, and personal value of building a life as a humanist; and thereby to make a set of positive interventions in broader public perceptions of majoring in the humanities in the 21st century.

This year, the Humanities for the Public Good Initiative will collaborate with the National Humanities Center to expand those programs for a broader audience of undergraduate fellows at liberal arts colleges across the region.  Transitioning this established program to compliment and meet the goals of NHC to make a broader impact will require thoughtful planning and creativity.

The duties of the graduate fellow will include: envisioning a collaborative project with the help and framing of the NHC; designing and implementing seminar style workshops and activities; and developing mentorship opportunities for the undergraduate fellows. The applicant should have an interest in teaching and mentoring, especially in regards to undergraduate students, as well as an interest in coordinating with multiple stakeholders. Through this program the graduate student fellow will be able to develop and refine skills in project management and implementation, undergraduate mentorship, communication to broad audiences and across disciplines.

More Information

Applicants must submit a cover letter explaining their academic background and professional qualifications, as well as their goals for professional development through this fellowship; a C.V.; and a letter of support from an advisor in their department or their Director of Graduate Studies. The completed application  should be submitted to the HPG website no later than the end of the day on Wednesday, September 8, 2021.

Queries which are not answered in the FAQ may be directed to Ashley Melzer, HPG Initiative Director.  Open interest meetings (at this link) will be held on Tuesday, August 24 at 4pm, Friday, August 27 at 12pm, and Wednesday,  September 1 at 5pm. Email the director to setup a different time or ask a question.

*Eligible graduate programs will be affiliated with American Studies; Anthropology; Art & Art History; Classics; Communication; Dramatic Art; English & Comparative Literature; Geography; Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures; History; Linguistics; Music; Philosophy; Religious Studies; Romance Studies; and Women & Gender Studies. Graduate students within the College of Arts & Sciences who are not affiliated with one of these programs, but are pursuing a course of study which makes significant use of humanities methods or content, may write to Ashley Melzer to petition for eligibility. Graduate students in programs outside of the College of Arts & Sciences are not eligible.

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