Each semester, the Humanities for the Public Good Initiative will make six $500 awards for programs which serve one or both of the following purposes:

  • Produce educational resources or events which raise the capacity of humanists at UNC-Chapel Hill to do publicly engaged work
  • Enhance the capacity of faculty or staff to implement small public engagement initiatives into undergraduate classrooms
  • Defray costs associated with holding workshops, performances, lectures, programs, or other educational or artistic activities which include humanistic faculty or graduate students at UNC-Chapel Hill as collaborators, and offer new skills, stronger relationships, meaningful participation, or opportunities for feedback to communities and publics beyond the campus; or connection between on-campus and off-campus communities.

[see full description and application requirements here]

(Beyond the) Campus Programs Fund Application

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  • In a single .pdf document of 2-3 pages, please give a narrative overview of the project with a timeline; overall budget; explanation of expected impact, including an explanation of which on- and off-campus publics will be impacted by the project, and a brief of the project's benchmarks for success and how those will be evaluated; and short abstracts of the professional biographies of the key driver(s) of the project.
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