“So everyone can be ready to slam-dunk their answer to the question ‘OK, but what will you DO with that?’”

Undergraduate humanities majors are often told that they should be worried about their employability after graduation. Implicit in such statements is the concern that humanities scholarship, methods, and practice make little tangible contributions society. These narratives depict the humanities as outdated, impractical, and of little value.

The Humanities Futures Initiative intends to respond to such portrayals by boosting the intellectual morale of undergraduate students in humanities majors. In doing so the initiative seeks to allow undergraduates to become partners in understanding the economic and historical contours of studying in humanities fields in the United States, here and now; and to offer them tools and support in building programs that invite others as co-investigators of the social, political, moral, financial, and personal value of building a life as a humanist; and thereby to make a set of positive interventions in broader public perceptions of majoring in the humanities in the 21st century. In doing so this initiative seeks to address not only the role of the humanities in the contemporary moment but also engage with and question possible futures and directions for the public humanities and the role of humanities disciplines.

Towards this end Humanities for the Public good is recruiting 12 undergraduate fellows to learn about the role of the public humanities in the contemporary moment while designing their own project or program that intervenes in the public idea of what it means to study in humanities fields now.

More information about these undergraduate fellowships and application information coming soon.

Additionally the Humanities Futures Initiative is soliciting applications for a graduate fellow to mentor and support undergraduate fellows as they develop their projects. Find out more information about this graduate fellowship and how to apply here.